WhoDaMan welcomes other wildlife enthusiasts to share their best shots!

Send your picture and the story along with your name to ib.whodaman@gmail.com


Here is Braxten Munson with a couple of best catches.  Nice red and a 10 pound blue cat from the Guadalupe River.

Justin Tooke from Portland OR caught

this grouper trolling in Mazatlan MX

Congrats Billy Pasukinis with one heck of a bow kill that scored 166, 27!

Lauren Murphey and her boyfriend,

Brian got this bluefin tuna on Cape Cod.

It was 55 inch and weighs 106 lbs. Great Job!

The Mail Man Delivers!
Neilgi cow

Walters biggest red ever! Congrats!

Rick, Mike and Doug Samp and friends near Sabinal, TX

Here is George Villarreal with a herd of bucks he shot in South Texas along with

a couple of long bearded toms.  That's

some fine shoot there George.

Jennifer Toepfer

"It might be an electrical engineer when it greaux's up, its already got some tape!!! Its been returned from whence it came... So neaux we didn't eat it, its too small!!! But we do have several recipes for when it gets bigger!!!"

Taylor's  first buck shot on Jaime

Rodriquez (his grandfather's) ranch in Junction Texas

Randy Schmeltekopf shot this axis buck in Rocksprings Texas

Nick Chermie with a bow killed gar

6'-3" long in Louisiana.

Don Burcham caught this +10 lb. peacock bass in South America

Joe Merritt caught this 7'-3" gar in his younger years bank fishing with his

favorite surf rod off the shore of Lake Corpus Christi.


Here is Page from New York City.  Page won trophies in Mazatlan for the following

1.  Largest Sailfish

2.  Largest Marlin

3.  Largest Squid

4.  Largest Octopus

5.  Largest Lobster

6.  Largest Tuna

7.  Most Colorful Dress

8.  Second Place for Best Looking Hat

9.  Only woman from New York City to ever pose with WhoDaMan 


Danny and Billy the "Dynamic Duo"

from OK tied for the "Ugliest Fish"

award on a recent Alaska fishing trip.



Louie and his son Jordans first alligator gar caught out of the Nueces River in Corpus Christi on the 4th of July. Great job guys!

10 year old Mackenzie Hermes shot

this 10 point buck in Tilden Tx. This is

her biggest buck to date.

Here is a picture of Craig holding an 80lb blue cat that he caught noodling.  Craig still carries the scars where the big cat tried to chew his arm off....this would make most folks look for a different hobby but not Craig.  Last time I saw him he was looking for a bigger catfish and didn't have a rod and reel either.

The bigger the bait the bigger the fish

and this crew proved it on the opening

of snapper season....from left to right,

John Talamas , Capt. Kevin Martin,

Paul Hueghan, Beto Ortiz & brother

Mario Ortiz


Killed these two 1 is a jake about 1 ½ years and the other a full grown tom weighed about 25 lbs 1 in spurs and a 10 in beard there were 4 of us and we killed 6 turkeys 2 jakes and 4 toms( all with 9 ½-10 in beards ) they were all killed on a turkey hunting trip in Glasco, Kansas.


Jody Oden

Jody Oden killed this East Texas Canvasback drake...heck of a trophy ya got there Jody.

Jason and Shannon (both Iraq war veterans) with a limit of redheads and a bonus teal from the Redneck Riviera.


Here is a picture of "Wild Bill".  WhoDaMan meet him and his posse hunting mule deer is the most rugged spot in the Texas Panhandle.  Wild Bill killed a whitetail and a mule deer on this hunt and showed me this buck that was killed a couple of years ago.  I was told Wild Bill has God guide him through life and it sure helps during hunting season.  God Is Good to those that follow him.


A humongous stingray caught by Jerry

on the Bob Hall Pier on 6-11-11, great



Two nice Pike landed by Steve on the Lake of the Woods

A couple of nice bucks taken by Dannie Marie Garcia from ThreeRivers TX.


Congratulations to Amanda Hinojosa for catching her first Sheepshead at the Packery Channel on Mustang Island

Emily Rose.
Nailed that cotton tail @ 22yds with her Matthews Mission compound.
First shot ever at a live target.
Made her daddy proud.

Calvin Schmeltekopf made a dandy neck

shot on this 10 pointer...really good for someone 85 years young...he has had a lot

of pratice.

Deer was killed in San Marcos on 11-13-2010, 14 point, 20.5" spread.  Scored 139 7/8 non typical.  Shot by Clay Schmeltekopf part time resident of Rockport TX

A beautiful 168 B&C, 14pt whitetail, taken by Gary Arrington! Congratulations!

A beautiful bobcat taken by Scott Eades out of

San Diego, Tx

Nice 38” 25lb redfish, caught on a rather

large piggy perch out of Baffin Bay by Kris Jensen

Boar was 330lbs and was picked out by Squirt  Da Wonder Dog.  Squirt beat the rest of his pals to the boar which proceeeded to beat the snot out of all the other dogs, including the catch dogs, only Squirt could hang with the boar.  Squirt is a jagterrier owned by bgoatcher@cox.net Joey is holding Squirt Da Wonder Dog.


After being on the loose for most of the week, First Baptist Church's High Seas Adventure Vacation Bible School, seacritters had to be dealt with... A great white hunter BrotherOfDaMan was called in to extricate them before the caused a fire hazard...

June 6, 2010 Anthony Zertuche Jr first Large Mouth Bass Catch, Choke Canyon State Park.


Pictured are Fred, Donny & Larry Pelzel

along with Dan Spartman.  They were

guided by David Crews on this catfish and

turtle catching trip at Choke Canyon.  That

is a WhoDaMan class catch if I ever saw one.

Cecilie and her family did a number on some "Goo" at Choke Canyon on Mothers Day...not shown in the picture are another 22 that had been cleaned earlier in the day...Great Catch Ya'll



Here is Andy Cedillo..Andy's says "The

Bigger The Crawfish The Bigger the Goo" 

Nice catch Andy


Nice keeper Red for Scott out of

Goose Island State Park

Calvin Marks, Ralph Marks and Gordon Rials put the hammer down on a bunch of sac-au-lait... when asked where they caught them they said "we caught them all in da mouth"


No they are not related to WhoDaMan...well we dont think so anyway.

Congrats to David Sikes of Corpus Christi for this monster 146 B&C 12pt

Nice 10pt to round out 2009 for Darryl Stewart

Todd McMillin with a nice sheepshead from

Corpus Christi Bay.

Steve Farek and Kris Jensen scored these

pheasants in the Texas panhandle.

Kendell of Corpus Christi caught this huge

5' 8" gar in the Nueces River June 20, 2009.

Great Job!

Jacinto Garcia Jr of Corpus Christi caught

this monster drum on 1-26-09. Good way to

start out the year, way to go!

An excellent catch of Gaspergou by

Sonny from Mathis Texas

Victoria Power Plant Coon Trappers


Jo Jo and Splinter


Hunt’n nutria Louisiana Style…who needs a






An excellent catch by Ed at Taylors Crawfish Boil,

keep up the good work!




Three Beautiful Specks caught in Laguna



Candido Rivera



Candido with his first two pintails shot out of Port


Algiers Boar


This is my "All-Time" favorite picture.  We jumped this boar

at 8:00am and caught him at 2:30pm.  The hounds had run

him so hard that on the ride back to the truck he died.  I

don't know if his lungs had given out or what.  The catch dog

was only on him for about a minute and a half.  He had a lot

of blood in his mouth.  A friend of mine on the hunt had him






Gary's Bass

Date caught: 5-11-01


Hello Buddy,

Attached is a picture of the 18#, 29"long, 18" girth Florida strain bass. I caught it on a 15' crappie buster rod with a cricket, split shot and small cork. I caught it in a 5 acre private lake in east Texas. I was catching perch like crazy. I dropped my bait in the pond at the dam and it sounded like someone flushed a commode. She just rolled over and gave up. I will send another email with my 2 brothers and part of their catch from the day before I caught mine.



Iraqi Boar

Forwarded via email from our brothers in Iraq. Great shot!


Mexican Corvina

It's a nice trophy corvina, about 25 pounds catch in nayarit

littlle place chacala very close from porta vallarta stp good

compadre for fishing a lot fish marlin, vela curvina, robalo

red snapper and mahi mahi.

Victor Rivera - El Cid, Mazatlan MX



Paul Di'Ceaseri

With his first Tilapia caught out of Sugar Land Texas

while fishing with earthworms in a neighborhood


From our Canadian friends a super sized crawfish.