You want to start out by moving your gar to

an area that can easily be washed down,

due to the massive amounts of slime these

fish put out, as well as blood




Next, take your vise grips or multi tool and grab on to the dorsal fin

and work your way up the back towards the head with your machete



At this point you might want to sever

the spine if the fish is still active to

avoid any accidents


You now need to make a cut behind

the gills on each side of the fish that

runs to the underbelly



To remove the tuff hide, put one foot on the head and

with the grips start at the slit behind the head and pull

back towards the tail




You may find it necessary on these

bigger gar to cut around the pelvic fins

to make hide removal of the back half




Now with the pesky hide out of the way you can

fillet it just like you would a catfish, by running the

knife against the backbone and along the ribs



To remove the belly meat make an incision

near the throat and run your blade against

the inside of the ribs


Don't forget to save any

hardware that may still be

lodged in the jaw or throat


It's as easy as that!