To be able to clean hogs as fast as I

do you need a hanger like these.  It

grabs the foot so that it wont fall

when you cut through the tendon.


Hanging the hog upside down is

my preferred way.  I also use

carbon steel knifes for skinning as

they are easier to sharpen than stainless


Start by cutting around each ankle

and then slice toward the middle

between the legs.  Then make a slit

down toward a point just in front of

where the hind quarter starts.  If you

are doing a boar you want to stop

before you get to the bulge where the

pecker is.  This bulge is a gland that if

you cut into it will taint the meat, your

knife, the ice chest you put the meat

in as well as any pot you try and cook

the meat in...its that strong.  I have

found that the gland is great for

trapping coyotes as well as squeezing

into new traps


Rotate the hog to the back side

grabbing the tail and make a cut

through the tail bone and start making

a strip cut a little wider than the back

strap.  Skin back the top side of the

hind quarters so that you meet what

was cut off from the inside of the hind



Make a strip cut all the way to the

back of the head.  On a boar note that

you do not skin or cut off the testicles.


Now you are going to make a slice

behind the shields (the thick part of

the hide that protects the hogs front

shoulders when they are fighting)

of the front leg all the way to the

front foot.  Then make a cut from on

front shoulder to the other across

the brisket.  You can the turn the

hog and slice off the hide that

covers the front shoulder.  After

doing this pull the front leg away

from the body and slicing behind

the leg remove each of the front



You can now take the back strap off from

the hind quarter all the way to the ears

boning out the neck in the process.


You now have a choice of making a slit just below

where the hind quarters are and remove the tender

loins if you wish.  After deciding if you want to do

that the next choice is do you want the hind leg bone

in or not.  If you don't want the bone simply make a

perpendicular slice along the length of the bone and

remove the meat following the bone around.  If you

want the leg bone in the ball joint is easily located

by making a slice in the pelvic area.  This will

separate the hind quarter from the rest of the

carcass.   You will notice that I did not gut the hog

or save the ribs.  Most hogs are trapped or shot over

baited areas and I find the ribs are not that good to

eat especially on larger hogs.   Another thing you

might want to do is remove the bladder after

separating the carcass.  This is also good to put in a

new trap or one that is not been catching as it

makes it scented.


I have done 120 lb pig in 8.5 minutes, 250 pound in 12 minutes and a 350 in 18

minutes by myself using this method.  For those that thin I waste the rib meat I say

shoot and extra one and don/t worry about it.  If you have any questions contact me


Once you meat has been iced down you want to remove the glands.  This is very important as

far as the taste of the meat goes.  There are glands located in the hind quarter inside where the

folds of the muscles are.  Separate the muscles and you will find the glands.  The front shoulder

glands are usually laying on the outside of the mussels in the area of the arm pits.  There are

also glands in the boned out section of the neck.